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Eastern Washington University HCAD Degree

Beginning in the Fall of 2023, Eastern Washington University (EWU) will offer a fully online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (HCAD).

Healthcare administrators must have at least a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management to get a job in a starting position. Our EWU bachelor’s degree will teach students business and healthcare fundamentals to help them understand daily operations, budgets, strategy, and communication in administrative positions within a variety of healthcare facilities. You can attend our classes conveniently online to balance with your daily life schedule while not needing to run to a campus.

To declare the HCAD degree, students must have already completed coursework equal to at least 90 quarter units either through their lower division coursework from EWU, a Direct Transfer Agreement, a related Associate degree, or other coursework that meets the EWU University requirements, BACRs, and Graduation requirements.

The online HCAD curriculum includes courses on healthcare leadership, management, research, emotional intelligence, sustainability, information systems, economic management, assessment, strategic and marketing plan development, personnel management, law and policy, and operations risk management. These core skill sets give our students a competitive edge in the healthcare sector. All students complete an in-person internship within an assigned community healthcare site and will fully experience the roles of the Healthcare Administrator.

Our students will be prepared for careers in many healthcare fields including but not limited to, hospitals and medical offices, ambulatory centers such as outpatient and surgery centers, telehealth programs, rehabilitation centers, non-profit health organizations, medical coding and billing, dental offices, and healthcare organizations that care for the aging.

For more information, use our Contact Us link, and note your interest in the EWU Program

University of Washington – Master of Healthcare Administration

As a member of the Washington State Healthcare Executive Forum, you are well aware of the need to train the future generation of healthcare leaders. In your current role, you may be mentoring individuals who have expressed an interest in expanding their role in their organization. The UW Master of Healthcare Administration Program was designed with that very individual in mind. Through a rigorous two-year program where students meet in person or online, they develop key business, management, and adaptive leadership competencies that have been chosen to prepare them for today’s complex healthcare environment. Your own experience has taught you that one must be prepared to deal with the unthinkable challenges such as a pandemic. Whether the person you have in mind is just entering the healthcare space or a more seasoned leader, there are options available for both.

The MHA Program is part of the UW Programs in Health Management and Informatics—a grouping of interdisciplinary degrees housed in the School of Public Health—and has been training healthcare leaders for 48 years. “Our Executive MHA Program is an outstanding opportunity for working professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career,” the Chair of the MHA Alumni Association Board, Marina Farah, MD, MHA says; “I owe my post-clinical career success to the UW EMHA program and encourage individuals who are passionate about transforming U.S. healthcare to make the 2-year investment.”

Please pass on this opportunity to anyone you believe could benefit from this boost to their career. Future leaders enrolling now, use our Contact Us link.

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