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Strategic Plan

WA-ACHE Strategic Plan (2024 – 2026)

The WA-ACHE Chapter’s Strategic Plan is designed to align with the strategic plan set forth by the national ACHE Board of Governors. This strategic plan strives to develop leaders within the local market and set them up for success in managing the dynamic challenges the industry places on them. The plan aligns with the core values of the national ACHE organization, focused on championing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in our Leadership through educational events promoting Lifelong Learning and Integrity across the all-career stages, disciplines and settings.

In 2023 the chapter set out to align with the national organizations ambitions of being a Catalyst, Connectors, and a Trusted Partner. As a Catalyst the chapter focused on advancing health through the lens of equity by hosting quarterly DEI Discussions and creating affinity groups for members of the chapter. As Connectors the chapter hosted a Better Together networking event with non-ACHE partners and hosted a virtual education event with the SoCal ACHE chapter. The chapter also expanded sponsorship through the chapters first annual conference. As a Trusted Partner, the chapter launched its first Advancement class, allowing for members to prepare for their Board of Governors exam.​

Our Chapter’s Alignment to ACHE Strategic Plan for 2024

In our role as a Catalyst, the WA-ACHE Chapter commits to being a leader in equity as we develop leaders who will advance healthcare within our market. In doing so, the Chapter will:

  • Will be a thought leader and champion to drive solutions for equity. As priorities we will:
    • Continue to host quarterly Diversity Discussions, allowing for space to discuss difficult topics, challenging our leaders to grow and learn from the diverse perspectives of their colleagues
    • Seek partnerships with other professional associations representing diverse backgrounds of the industry, including but not limited to: NAHLE, HIMSS, NAHSE, HFMA.
    • Create spaces for members of diverse backgrounds to find community through the development and expansion of affinity groups.
  • Will develop leaders by providing resources to help them achieve their goals of advancement to FACHE. As priorities we will:
    • Offer educational sessions locally in preparation for the Board of Governor’s exam.
    • Provide educational and volunteer activities to support advancement of members.
    • Provide a clear guide on how to achieve advancement to FACHE.

In our role as Connectors, the WA-ACHE Chapter commits to growing our professional community across the state, and the greater Pacific Northwest by leveraging partnership with other professional associations, chapters and healthcare industry partners. In doing so, the Chapter will:

  • Continue to build upon existing relations with the PNW NAHLE chapter, WA HIMSS chapter, and the Oregon ACHE chapter. As priorities we will:
    • Develop regional Better Together educational and networking events across the state of Washington with our organizational partners.
    • Continue regional Meet & Mingles for membership to connect locally, within their region of the state, with colleagues in our professional network.
  • Develop relationships with other professional organizations to establish opportunities to collaborate.
  • Build upon the inaugural local chapter conference to enhance opportunities for members to connect and learn with one another.

In our role as a Trusted Partner, the WA-ACHE Chapter commits to deepening engagement with members and our healthcare community, through education, networking and career services. In doing so, the Chapter will:

  • Establish a mentorship program to create a path of value for seasoned leaders to provide guidance to members on various stages of their career journey.
  • Build relationships with industry partners, creating a space for members of the healthcare community to collaborate.
  • Grow the membership of our chapter to create more opportunities for leaders to learn from one another.

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