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Become a Fellow

Why obtain your Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)?

  • The FACHE credential demonstrates professionalism, ethical decision-making, competence, leadership skills, and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • The FACHE credential symbolizes a commitment to excellence; it is a rigorous credential based on multi-faceted criteria—including a valid and reliable examination.
  • Board certification provides the personal satisfaction of achieving a goal and achieving professional recognition.

Interested in Advancing?

  • Participate in an Advancement Information Session to learn more about the value of the credential, the requirements to advance, and the resources to make this next move in your professional development.
  • Join a study group to begin preparing for the Board of Governors exam.
  • Contact the Advancement Committee for more information.

Advancement Information Resources

The ACHE Credentialing website has a wealth of information to show the value of the credential and help you plan your path to attaining board certification as a healthcare executive. Just go to www.ACHE.org/FACHE. And remember, the members of WA-ACHE are here to help.

One requirement to advance to Fellow is a Masters degree: Check out the University of Washington’s Executive MHA Program!

We are 48,000 members strong. Join healthcare leaders from across the country and around the world, dedicated to improving health for their patients and in their communities.


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