Committees Asian Healthcare Leaders Community
The Asian Healthcare Leaders Community (AHLC) is a community within the Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. AHLC offers value-added benefits developed specifically for AHLC members and the opportunity to network with fellow individuals interested in the distinct opportunities and issues of Asian American and South Asian healthcare executives.

Communications Committee
The WSHEF Communications Committee is responsible to facilitate communications between members and the Chapter, which primarily flow through the website, social media and newsletters. Our goal is to make it easy for members to find information about the chapter, our services and upcoming events. We are looking for volunteers to help with Committee tasks such as:

  • Ongoing support to develop or edit the newsletter (3-5 hours per quarter)
  • Posting items or supporting our outreach on LinkedIn (2 hours per month)
  • Posting updates to the website (2 hours per month)

If you are interested in volunteering with the Communications Committee, please contact us at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
WSHEF embraces diversity within the healthcare management field and recognizes that priority as both an ethical and business imperative…participation often serves as a catalyst for improved decision making, increased productivity and a competitive advantage in the area of customer satisfaction and quality of care. The objectives of the DEI Committee include:

  • Providing a forum on diversity issues and their impact on the healthcare workforce
  • Supporting ACHE policy statements on diversity and defining specific chapter goals appropriate for WA State
  • Increasing cultural competency by supporting educational and leadership opportunities for diversity in healthcare management

Membership and Advancement Committee
This committee is responsible for understanding the professional goals and priorities of our members and using that insight to inform and strengthen WSHEF activities. Our goal is to increase participation in Chapter Events and provide a rich and professionally relevant experience for our members. The committee has three primary focus areas for 2019-2020:

  • Fellow Advancement – educate WSHEF members about the value of FACHE certification and help them navigate advancement requirements. We educate members about the preparatory opportunites for the Board exam and provide tools to guide them through the study and testing process. We also highlight training opportunities for exam candidates, especially our Advancement Information Sessions. For more information, please contact Parke Corbin at
  • Regional Advisory Council – this network includes leaders from diverse health systems, hospitals, and partner organizations across Washington State.  The Champions educate their organizations about WSHEF, bring insight from their organization and colleagues to inform educational programs WSHEF will sponsor, and support professionals within their organization to advance.

The Membership and Advancement Committee meets monthly and the Regional Advisory Council meet quarterly. If you are interested in volunteering with the Committee, please contact Tina Seery

Programs Committee
The WSHEF Programs Committee is dedicated to hosting continuing education and networking programs on behalf of the Chapter for our members. Our goal is to make the programs diverse, engaging and accessible for members across the state. Our programs include regular Meet & Mingle Networking events and continuing education opportunities that provide members at least 7 Face to Face Credits annually. We are always looking for volunteers to help develop content for programming or host a Meet & Mingle in their local community. If you are interested in volunteering with the Committee, please contact Dylan (
Sponsorship Committee
Chapter sponsorships are integral to helping us achieve our vision to be the premier professional society connecting health care leaders in Washington State to learn, share and transform healthcare. Our sponsorship program is designed to provide organizations with a connection, and visibility and access to members of WSHEF. For more information, please contact WSHEF Board Sponsorship Chair Brittany McCreery at